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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A God Story

David, a loyal UBFM member, shared this. This took place on the downtown route, Wednesday, August 27, 2014.

Last night the downtown group had 2 new riders, Dana and Monica. We were on the Mall downtown, regular stuff, they jumped right in, nothing spectacular. At one stop, I was tending to someone and just happened to turn and see an amazing show of humanity. A guy I'd never seen before, in a wheelchair, apparently a quadriplegic, was behind me and there stood Dana feeding (actually holding the burrito to his mouth so he could eat) this total stranger, someone she knew nothing about, on her very first UBFM ride! It blew me away! I looked at Lyle, he had taken a pic or 2. Hopefully he'll send me the pic and I will share. We (me anyway) all just stood there in amazement as she finished up. And we shoved off to share more hope 'n happy. I don't know if anyone else there saw it the way I did, but wow! As I shared this with another UBFMer when we were done, I was almost brought to tears. I have a challenge; find someone soon that you can share a random act of humanity with!


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