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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Unless you change and become like little children...

A few weekends ago I was invited to come and speak to a children's group at The Love of Christ Church in Memphis. It seems they were doing a study on missionaries; a different type of missionary each Sunday in March. They wanted a local individual to speak so I was contacted. Now, never have I been referred to as a “missionary” but if I guess if I’m doing missional work, even if it be local, one might refer to me as a “missionary”. (Just to clarify, that would mean anyone who is involved in Urban Bicycle Food Ministry is a “missionary” as well.)
Moving on, when I was asked to speak to the group I was filled with honor. I was informed that I would be speaking to two separate groups, one from early worship and one from the later. Both groups would be anywhere from 4-11 years old. I can’t say I wasn’t nervous. I had no idea what I would be up against or how they would respond. I tried to keep my address exciting, fun, and short. If these kids had an attention span close to my own it would need to be no longer than a minute. I pushed my limits and tried to keep it within ten.
When I arrived at the church everyone was warm, welcoming, and very interested in UBFM. Apparently they knew the key to my heart because they had coffee and donuts waiting. Coffee and donuts before Sunday worship is nostalgic. If they had taken me to Shoney’s breakfast bar after church I might have joined…
When worship began the children’s church leader, the kids, and myself sat near together. After the second song we all moved to a classroom. When we were settled I was introduced and given the floor. It was great! The children of this church are involved and excited about God’s work. Upon completing my address the kids presented a gift to me. Apparently they knew a little about UBFM before I arrived. They decorated small containers with Bible verses, rode bikes around their neighborhoods, and collected money for our ministry. Yeah, I know, I too was nearly in tears.
In the book of Matthew, chapter 18, verse 3 Jesus says, "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." I was reminded of this verse when I visited the class at TLC. Sometimes we forget what its like to be like children. Think about it--most children want to love and be happy. It takes very little to satisfy them and they find interest in the smallest things. Love is everywhere for children and they find joy in sharing it. 
There is so much we can learn from kids. I was very blessed to be presented with the opportunity to visit this church. I pray that God will shower them and their children’s group with many blessings.


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