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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Wednesday night was great!

Thank you to Frank RouseHeather Rouse, Olivia Rouse, and Jeff Sobocinski for showing up early and helping prep. Jeff is recovering quickly and rode with us this week! And again, as always, thank you to Angela Williford Conley and Emily Hendrix Conley for their continued donations. There were a lot of people out and we ran out of burritos so quickly! Despite the grim outlook with the storms and all rolling in towards the end of our night, I rather enjoyed riding in the pre-storm weather. Some of that lightning was ridiculous and beautiful! Luckily, we all made it back before the storm started and were able to enjoy it safely fromTommy Clark's porch, where we spent the rest of the night listening to Frank Fournier's crazy Detroit stories… I wont go into details. 

I had the privilege of meeting Eryin Sauer Tornabene at the Tiger Lane Crit races where her son Dylan Vance won second place in Cat 5. She is such a wonderful person, as is her son. She insists that we let her know of any supply needs we have and would love to support in any way possible. I told her that we could use a regular supply of tortillas and cheese! So, I will be getting in touch with her to work that out :)

Couldn’t have had such a successful night without our fearless riders: Matt NasonIsaac WadeAnders GoransonOwen Harris,Ellis Rasmussen, and Rachael Osteen as well as a few others! We also appreciated the SAG support provided by Rick Prince. Thank you everyone for all you do and God Bless!

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