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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Public Eye

Greetings UBFM!

So, we’ve had an interesting week. Joe Birch sent me an email Tuesday night, asking if we would allow a camera crew to do some interviews and take some footage. Of course, I was delighted! As many of you know it was a great night. We made the news Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon. Thirteen people showed up on bikes to deliver food and supplies. For all of you who were present, thank you for creating a good experience. We delivered 130 burritos, a bunch of cookies, several jackets and coats, blankets, and several packets of peanut butter and crackers. God is good.

We have officially made the public eye. I have noticed that the word is spreading fast. This is very exciting to me but it is essential that we are mindful of our growth. This is a small ministry but the growth is inevitable. With that being said, we need to make the best attempt to be organized. This is something that we have to do together. This is not my ministry; this is our ministry. If you are involved, you are part of it. If you pray for us, you donate, you ride with us, or you spread the word, you are part of this ministry. I am open for any suggestions or recommendations from anybody involved. The ministry is possible because of the people involved.

If you are new to the group, I beg you to keep in mind; this is a new thing for us all. It is a learning experience. The biggest part of it is we are serving God, building relationships, and we are doing it together. If we maintain that, we will continue to grow in love. That is the main idea. We call it church in action but, actually, it is love in action.   

I know I have said this in previous posts but this is one thing that keeps coming back to me. Every Wednesday night I am given the privilege to see the reflection of God on our city from my friends. I stand in humility to have this honor. What makes it even better is we are using bicycles. Thanks be to god!


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